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Road Accident Investigation Group

Law No. 24/2005, issued by the Minister of Transport outline the operational framework of the Road Accident Investigation Group. The group is interdisciplinary, with a lawyer, a physician with expertise in Accident and Emergency Medicine, and an engineer with expertise in road construction
The Group decides each year which categories of accidents to focus on, e.g. fatal accidents and/or other serious traffic accidents. The investigation of each accident includes a review of events before, during and after the accident. These include contributory factors that are believed to have caused the accident, factors related to road users, vehicles, the roads and their surroundings. Based on data from these investigations, the Group suggests preventive measures, which it is hoped will result in a reduction of traffic accidents


The following work procedures are followed when accidents occur:


  • When an accident occurs, the police notify the 112 Emergency Dispatch Centre which in turn will dispatch an investigator of the R.A.A.Group or one of its specialist members
  • The investigator/specialist investigates the scene of the accident
  • Damage to the vehicle(s) is assessed
  • If the Group believes it will benefit from the information, it can interview those involved in the accident and witnesses
  • The police send their reports of the accident to the Group
  • Medical files are investigated
    • All material investigated by the Group is confidential


    • Each member of the Group performs his own investigation and assessment. Data are then collected in one final report for each accident. The Group determines the probable causes in each instance and publishes a collective report annually. This final report includes a review of the causes of accidents and proposals for preventive measures. The Road Accident Analysis Group finances its activities by grants and contributions it reveives



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